An Exciting Observation

Inside the man-sized submarine, everything was holding steady. It was pitch black. Only the projections on my contacts showed vital information. Hull integrity, pitch, yaw, oxygen levels and location. With a mere thought, the information swept aside and I brought up bioluminescence enhancements.

Sure it showed the tendrils of octopi and jellyfish and other deep ocean dwellers, but that’s not the cool stuff. With another thought motion, I brought up my project which allowed one to “see” the echolocation clicks of sperm whales.

Suddenly, everything lit up and I could see everything as bright as day. It looked as if the waves were emanating from my sub which meant…

The sub’s proximity alert went off too late, and the sub was hit on the right. A bull sperm whale was heading full bore towards what seemed like a mass of tentacles, fourty feet in length dead ahead. I hastily began recording as the sub righted itself.

By this time the bull and giant squid were locked in mortal combat. Playing out an epic scene of the struggle of life and death. The bull with his mouth latched on to the tentacles of the squid while the squid furiously latching onto the bull doing as much damage as possible. Suddenly, crack! The bull managed to crack the beak of the squid. With another mighty bite, it managed to puncture the squids eye. Mortally wounded, some of the giant squid’s tentacles started to slack. Some held on… the ones which were detached and had dug into the hide of the bull.

I could tell it was a relatively young bull as the more experienced ones tended to get the kill with more finesse. They’d choose smaller ones as well and made sure that they had the upper hand.

With the recording completed, I started heading back. This would make a good final year high school report before I head off to Moonbase 1 to begin my training in warp drive engineering. Need to tell Isaac that the darned prox alarm quit on me. Still, made for one exciting observation though.

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