Self-transforming Mind: Be Immune to Change


  • The self-transforming mind is one that will make us adaptable to any change
  • We live in an age of Information abundance and to cope with this we need to decide what’s important, how to use it, and take a break.
  • Enjoy the ride

We live in a world of information abundance. Social media, traditional media, and good old word of mouth. So many messages, choices, being shouted at from all angles. All vying for cut through to your eyes and ears. Like a deer in the headlights, we’re in danger of being run over by a future that we barely understand. However, our greatest strength is the ability to adapt. Adapt we have and adapt we must.

With all this information, comes the potential for incredible change. We have found so many shared stories out there, we see the issues and problems plaguing us. With new challenges comes new opportunities to develop other strengths. One of these strengths is to develop a self-transforming mind. The mind which can witness itself, be willing to examine against other perspectives, and adapt to a better version. The underlying belief is that there’s always a better way and therefore, I must always be willing to adapt to it. The world is dynamic and so must I be.

A practical approach is to take stock of what’s important to you, decide if it truly is important ie how is what you’ve deemed important actually impacting your life, and finally ensure you have time to let your mind process by meditating or working on your hobby. And also, decide on a regular time to engage in this activity. When it all feels overwhelming, take a deep breadth and know that that is a normal response. Schools have not prepared us for this. It is up to us to be able to cope with this. And that to me is exhilarating. As our forefathers learned and mastered fire, so to must we learn and master this age of information and continuous change. Take a deep breadth, be grateful, and carry on. This discomfort is only that of growth.

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